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Challenger Learning Center     Grade 6, ES
6-12 Math & Science Lessons

Challenger Learning Center Richmond




Students work in aeronautic, scientific and engineering stations on both the Mission Control and Space Craft side of the MSiC Challenger Learning Center (5th CLC developed in the nation and only one in Virginia). In both aspects of the mission, students work in teams to perform a variety of jobs important to a voyage to Mars with a return to Earth. Teams include medical, geologic and communication teams, as well as teams to observe the sun, predict solar storms, and broadcast space weather warnings. Each team receives a pre- and post-flight briefing which they use to share information and synthesize their learning. Class size is limited to 32 students.

Standards of Learning: 2010 Science (6.8); 2010 Earth Science (ES.1, ES.3, ES.4, ES.5); Computer Technology (C/T 6-8.6, C/T 6-8.8)

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