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MSiC - Named One of the Region's Top Workplaces

MSiCThe MathScience Innovation Center is  listed as one of the region’s top workplaces in the small-size companies category by the Richmond Times Dispatch and Workplace Dynamics.

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MSiC Quarter 2 Report 2013-2014

Our second quarter report for the 2013-2014 school year is now available.

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Dr. Hollee Freeman, Director MSiC2014 Metro Richmond STEM Fair Results

The results are in! Click here for the full list. Thank you to all participants, judges, volunteers, and MSiC staff for making the 2014 Metro Richmond STEM Fair another success.



MSiC - Little Innovators 2014Photo Gallery - Little Innovators - Jan 25, 2014

Thank you for participating in our adult/child program. We hope you enjoyed your experience at the MSiC and we hope to see you and your little one(s) back in the future for more learning fun. We'd like to share some photos that illustrate this memorable and worthwhile program.

Photo galleries can be viewed here: http://gallery.mymsic.org

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MSiC Quarter 1 Report 2013-2014

Our first quarter report for the 2013-2014 school year is now available.

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MSiCMSiC Annual Report 2012-13

The MathScience Innovation Center is proud to present our 2012-13 Annual Report. The report is packed full of fun photos and information that reveals what the MSiC provides to our region's students and teachers and reflects all the things we do and what we believe in.

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Dr. Hollee Freeman, Director MSiCReflections from our Director

The MathScience Innovation Center is a perpetually busy place with a full complement of student and educator programs. There is always something interesting going on here. This fact does not come as a surprise given that the MSiC faculty and staff are extremely knowledgeable, energetic and committed to developing educational programs that are rigorous and highly engaging...

Read the full story here.


Challenger Learning CenterNational Conference Includes Trip to MSiC

The MathScience Innovation Center (MSiC) recently welcomed fortyChallenger Learning Center Directors from across the United States and Canada. These Directors, who are responsible for the operation of their own Challenger Learning Centers, spent the day at MSiC exploring a new learning simulation platform. The new platform will further enhance the Challenger Learning Center experience through cloud-based, interactive scenarios which will extend the learning opportunities for students and teachers..


View the full story with video at www.Ideastations.org:


Samantha MarquezDavidson Fellows - 2013 Laureate Samantha Marquez

Samantha developed Celloidosomes®, a cell self-assembly process for bioengineering 3-dimensional tissues in a core-shell structure. Her research focused on demonstrating the vast versatility of the Celloidosome in both composition and applications: from liver repair and reconstruction to biological sensors and neural tissue transplantation, to the “green” biodefense tool for the sequestration of radioactive heavy metals such as Cesium-137.

View the full story at the Davidson Instutute for Talent Development website: http://www.davidsongifted.org

Three Local Students National Semi-finalists

The MathScience Innovation Center hosted the 2013 Metro Richmond STEM Fair this past March at Hanover High School. Three Central Virginia students, who competed in the Junior Division at the STEM Fair were chosen as National Semi-finalists in the 2013 Broadcom Masters Competition - a STEM competition for middle schoolers. The Broadcom Masters (Math, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering for Rising Stars) is a program of Society for Science & the Public and is the national science, technology, engineering, and math competition for U.S. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that inspires and encourages the nation’s young scientists, engineers, and innovators.

Pictured below are the three semi-finalists from 2013 Metro Richmond STEM (2012-13 school year). They joined five other Virginia students to compete at the Broadcom Masters Competition.

  Kaya Peterson
8th Grade - George H. Moody Middle School, Henrico County Public Schools
The Effect of Day Rhythm on the Algal Mitotic Cycle and Yield
  Kavya Puthuveetil
7th Grade - George H. Moody Middle School, Henrico County Public Schools
The Effect of Different Reminding Devices on One’s Ability to Take Medication on Time
  Michelle Marquez
8th Grade - Robious Middle School, Chesterfield County Public Schools
Music, Emotions, Time

Thirty finalists will be announced on August 27, 2013. The winner receives $25,000 at a ceremony in Washington, DC on October 1st.

Click here to view the image slideshowEducator Days at Kings Dominion

The Mathscience Innovation Center takes part in Educator Days at Kings Dominion! Pulleys, centripetal force and rockets - oh my! Fun and learning-what could be better? Click the photo for more images.

Photos -1 - 2 - 3
From the STEM

From the STEM - MSiC Flash E-Zine #2

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Intel ISEF 2013 Update


13 students from Virginia are Special Award Organizations Winners; 3 advanced from Central Virginia’s Metro Richmond STEM Fair, with 1 winning 2 awards, and two winning grand awards.

Samantha Marquez (first on right), Maggie L. Walker Governor's School
Advances in the Bottom-Up Assembly of Multicellular Architectures: From Neuroengineering to Biodefense

  • 1st Place Category Award: Engineering-Materials and Bioengineering
  • Best in Category Award
  • Innovation Exploration Award
  • Arizona State University's New American University Provost Scholarship: a renewable four-year scholarship plus a one-time $2,500 award to conduct research
  • National Anti-Vivisection Society Second Award of $2,000

Saumil Bandyopadhyay (second from left), Maggie L. Walker Governor's School
Qubit Rotator: A Nanowire Device for Rotation and Readout of Flying Electron Spin Qubits at Room Temperature for Quantum Computing

  • 4th Place Category Award: Physics
  • Ashtavadhani Vidwan Ambati Subbaraya Foundation:
    Second Award of $500 U.S. Saving Bond

Priyadarshani Sarkar (second from right), Henrico High School
The Effect of Soy Isoflavones on Human Drug Metabolizing Enzymes

  • Endocrine Society: Certificate of Honorable Mention

Also pictured is George Maurakis (left), Math & Science High School, Clover Hill

Congratulations to all STEM Fair participants and prize winners!

Spinning Spiders in 3D!

Spinning Spiders!On March 2, 2013 middle school students at our Let’s Innovate! Student Conference got up close and personal with tarantulas, beetles, and hissing cockroaches as they participated in a 360 product photography & 3D virtual imagery workshop with Dr. Michael Holroyd of Arqspin and Rhonda Hawley, our very own Spider Woman. Using a little spider/insect know-how from the session, digital cameras, tripods, and turntables, students created interactive 360 photography displays of these amazing creatures on their iPads. At the end of the conference, one student remarked, "I especially enjoyed the Spinning Spiders class, because I got to see and look at real live creatures."



Edison2High School Students Take on Technology!

Team Edison2 roared onto the MathScience Innovation Center campus on February 15, 2013, demonstrating their Very Light Car, winner of the $5 million X-Prize international competition. Brad Jaeger, race car driver and mechanical engineer, was the keynote speaker for our high school Let’s Innovate! / GRCTM Student Conference. Students and their teachers explored changes in oceanic biodiversity, augmented reality, math perspectives in art, forensics, innovations in earthquake prediction techniques, and mathematical applications to tracking disease in workshops presented by a host of scientists and mathematicians from Virginia Commonwealth University, the College of William & Mary, and the MathScience Innovation Center. When asked what they thought of the day, one student explained," I liked how we all explored different aspects of math and science as it could be applied to everyday lives and jobs" Another student added, "It was fun, educational and helped me really see behind the scenes of modern mathematics and science."

Click here to view the image slideshowNASA celebrates Aerospace Days at the MSiC

4th-8th Grade Educators put the engineering design model to the test on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 as they were challenged to build "satellites" and "rocket launchers" from paper cups, tape, tongue depressors, and pipe cleaners.
Col. Brandon Hargis used guided inquiry techniques to demonstrate how to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving skills through engineering activities. Our Center Director, Hollee Freeman, NASA Langley's Director Lesa Roe, and Senator Tim Kaine joined us in our "Out of This World" day of professional development.

Photos -1 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

In Demand - High Needs Areas

Is your academic or professional experience in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or healthcare? If it is, you are well on your way to using these skills in the classroom.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Healthcare ( STEM-H) have continued to be highly sought after fields in the workforce. Supporting the nationwide emphasis on STEM-H related careers, teachers have become an even more valuable asset in developing the talent and skills of students through their own expertise in these areas. Teachers with a background in STEM and STEM-H related fields should highlight these experiences and skills during the job interview process.

Ross CruikshankMinecraft© at the Center - Join the fun!

Here at the MSIC we recently decided to have a class on the video game Minecraft. Why a class about a game? Most videogames involve achieving objectives before moving on to the next goal until you win. Minecraft is not like that, at all. The creation of the class first stemmed from how this game models a real world situation of survival. In Minecraft, you use your imagination and creativity to construct a world block by block that is your own. It shows children how they can engineer their own environment by managing their resources. Minecraft enables you to adapt and overcome obstacles and challenges that are constantly presented to you.

I had a lot of fun creating this class for the student. Having been a Minecraft player for years, it was exciting to think about the concepts I wanted to convey to get the children interested and involved. For this class, I first had to create a curriculum so I could plan out exactly what the class would cover. I also created a PowerPoint presentation that explains the Minecraft world and the options available. The PowerPoint is used as a visual aid to help students understand what a unique experience they are a part of.

The Minecraft world also allows the students to play online with each other and interact. This experience will allow them to manipulate the world with the help of the other children in the class. They will take away a newly found understanding of the Minecraft world to go home and start their own. Check out our Student Programs where we are going to be offering Minecraft several times this year.

"Ross Cruikshank, VCU Mechanical Engineering Student"

Aron Fristoe

MSiC Collaborates with Henrico High School on Lesson Makeover

A common thread in science and in education is collaboration. Earlier this spring, Vonita Giddings, an IB Biology Teacher at Henrico High School, contacted educators Steve Oden and Aron Fristoe at the MathScience Innovation Center (MSiC) for ideas on incorporating data logging into a biology lesson. Data logging devices, also known as "probeware," are used for gathering scientific data over time and utilizing technology that allows students to collect specific, real time data.

News Channel 8: Showcase Richmond Va - MSiC

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Haley Buick GMC's Barry Moore recently invited MSiC Director Dr. Hollee Freeman to speak about the Center on News Channel 8's televised news feature Showcase Richmond Virginia.

Member Video Submission: Fall Field Trips

by Elizabeth Gaglio